Thursday, August 29, 2013

Woo Pig Sooie Style Series - Part 2

Two more days until we go Woo Pig Wild! And now that I have you on the road to a revised Razorback wardrobe, I want to share some of my favorite razorback finds for the casa...

I am a firm believer in handwritten notes
(another sign that I'm a true southern belle),
and I could look at stationary and personalized stamps
all. day. long! This guy has "stamped" love on my heart!
Available via Cards by Chrissy
I love how "the monogram" is having a super-fab
fashion moment. However, if you're from the south, a good
monogram never has, and never will, go out of style! 
How perfect would this wooden monogram be for your 
front door (all enclosed, of course).
These particular letters are small and are meant for the wall,
however, you can easily source wooden door monograms
on Etsy (for much less than you will pay in local boutiques).
Above is available via Thrilled 2 Design

Hosting a watch party? These little Hog Wash
Razorback Soaps would look insanely festive in your
powder room!
Available via Bathhouse
Oddly enough, I had never owned a toaster until a month
ago. Being the failing chef that I am, I didn't know what
I was missing! I'm thinking that this toaster might give
my breakfast a presentation worthy of a "hog call".
Available via FansEdge

This Razorback decorative hand-painted chalkboard
would be so cute in the kitchen and would make the most
unique teacher's gift!
Available via JaxxG

What a fabulous conversation piece and perfect addition
to your office. Love him!
Available via VonChandler

Monday, August 26, 2013

Woo Pig Sooie Style Series - Part 1

Image via
Available at
Tick, tock, tick, tock...5 days and counting till the first Razorback game of the season - Can I get a "Woo Pig Sooie"?! The anticipation of a new team with a new coach is high as is the anticipation of our 2013 Razorback wardrobe and accessories. Right ladies?! To get our "Woo Pig Series" started, I want to highlight a few of my most favorite Razorback you plenty of time to pick yours up or get it ordered.

Love, love, love the red and white chevron
maxi skirt paired with this deep v-neck/
off-the-shoulder foiled tee!
Available at

Initially, I wasn't too fond of this dolman
tee...that is, until I envisioned its full potential!
I would snag this tee, grab my E600 glue
and place black studs around the neckline
and on the cuffs of the sleeves. Not only would
it look amazing, but you would have a
one-of-a-kind razorback tee!
Available at

I'm a sucker for a good baseball tee so this
is right up my alley. I can see this with everything
from cutoff denim shorts and a baseball cap
to distressed boyfriend jeans, a killer head wrap
 and an amazing pair of booties.
Or...take it to another level by cutting the bottom
half of the tee off and pair it with
a high-waisted red pencil skirt as seen here.
Available at

Confession: When I saw this tee I immediately
knew what I would be wearing it with - my
high-waisted, high-low, long and flowy black
skirt and black Dolce Vita wedges.
I'll also probably layer a couple of dainty necklaces
finished off with heavy bangles.
(Though the sound of all the bracelets drive my
husband crazy...I firmly believe that it gives my
"Woo Pig Sooie" chant more "passion"!)
Available at

The entire outfit speaks for itself...
Available at

Adorable! The polka dot shorts add
the most precious touch that no one else
will think of!
Available at

However, if time and/or money runs out and you find yourself discouraged that you have to pull out your old Razorback threads...I have an easy way to turn that frown upside down. Watch my short and simple tutorial HERE on how to give an old tee new life and GO HOGS!

Friday, August 23, 2013

You Ain't Nothing but a Houndstooth

Houndstooth, argyle and shearling beautifully adorn the nothing-less-than-amazing Fall 2013 Tommy Hilfiger Collection that I'm obsessing over. Perfectly pieced together, New York Fashion Week had to jump for back-to-school joy after watching this runway! Classic prints have never looked so good! My fall wardrobe has officially been inspired!

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Loren Hope

If it sparkles and you can wear it on your wrist, ear, neck or finger (shirt, shoes, pants, bra, etc.) can almost be guaranteed that I will adore it! Same goes for the Loren Hope Fall Collection (actually, her entire collection). Her jewelry designs tend to give me an art-deco/modern/vintage feel...all at the same time. An overabundance of style that I don't mind a bit!'re about to be shot by Cupid!

Style Rule: Wearing a statement earring means that the only other statement
piece should reside on your wrist or finger - keeping a distance between the two.
I'm crazy about these earrings and the cuff has given me DIY inspiration!
How insanely amazing (and easy) is this look?! Everyday denim,
comfy tee (Alternative tees are my fave), ponytail and a statement necklace.
What's not to love?!
These are actually two statement necklaces layered together and I have always
been a proud supporter of this look. Women often tend to don a single statement
necklace afraid that anything more could abandon them in "Tackyville". That's not
always the case. Dare to double-up ladies!

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Reinvented Vintage

In the same way I love finding fashion pieces that are unique...the fabulous pieces that you never have to worry about a "who wore it best" scenario, I love finding pieces for my home that are just as special. You know, the kind that can't be found in chain retail stores...the kind that if it had a mouth, it could talk for days. Well, that is exactly what I have found at Reinvented Vintage!

On August 8th, Sharon Cowell, owner of Reinvented Vintage, hosted a fabulous Grand Opening Party for her new location located in Little Rock's Breckenridge Shopping Center. Not only was the store full of lovelies shopping for fantastic finds, it was filled to the brim with rare finds for the home and gifts for the beloved friend.

Here are just a few of my favorite "reinvented" goodies...
Love the idea of this gorgeous glittery crown
housed in an antique frame!
Lamp with a new life...
and Pig Sooie Spirit!
These adorable pieces are the perfect gift for
a friend and they are painted on 2x4s!
Reinvented Vintage also offers
vintage inspired Razorback tees!
Vintage china beautifully put together to
create one-of-a-kind serving pieces...LOVE!
Adoring this set! Perfect for a special
girl's room or office!

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Surround Yourself with RiffRaff!

Image via - Another favorite Dixie Love tee!
So....I'm a few days late on the other half of my exciting news from last week (actually, the week before that), but what's new?! At this point, I think we've all figured out that I'll probably be late for my own funeral!

Image via
If you watched Carrie Underwood's performance on the CMA's Monday night, and assuming you were finally able to get past her picture perfect legs (that I want to have so terribly bad but am too lazy to remotely ponder the work and dedication it takes), you probably noticed her killer "look" and Skull Rose tank. Yes, the same Skull Rose tank that I have had my eyes on for the past month and am now able to purchase locally via Fayetteville's very own fantabulous store, RiffRaff. Or should I say...Fayetteville's very own fantabulously expanded online store -

Until recently, those of us located outside of the NWA area, could only get a tiny glance of the budget-friendly apparel offered by RiffRaff. That was because only a small portion of their fashion inventory was actually listed on their website. Thankfully, those difficult days have come to an end and RiffRaff has launched a new and improved site that beautifully offers all of their apparel inventory online. Including my uber-favorite line, Dixie Love...ya'll! So get to shopping! The more RiffRaff you surround yourself with, the better!

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Get Your H&M On!

Fashion Lovers unite in celebration...for last week two amazingly lovely things happened that had me happy dancing all week long! Sooo...taking the advice from my very wise father (shhh...don't tell him I said that), let's talk one thing at a time. Let's talk H&M Online! Eeeeeekkkkkkk!!! 

After 13 years of painful patience, H&M finally launched their e-commerce site for the United States last Friday, August 2nd. (And with no explanation needed, I feel like August 2nd should be named a national holiday. Can I get an "Amen"?!) From size 2 to 24, H&M has you covered with the most sought after trends and classics at yummy affordable prices (like crazy affordable) with good quality. Are you an unselfish shopaholic who often shops for her man? H&M has that too! Kids? Covered! Decor for your home? (with intense excitement I say....) THEY HAVE THAT TOO!! If I'm dreaming...don't wake me up!

Above are three quick outfits I pulled together with Razorback red and white inspiration. The total at the bottom of each outfit includes the top, skirt and studded soles! The total on the far right includes the versatile and closet staple black elastic belt! I know...I can't believe it either! As for the other amazing news...stay tuned and keep happy dancing!

Ooopps! In all the excitement...I almost forgot!! Here it is:!

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Eva's Styled Bridal Portraits - Photography by Lyndsey Sullivan Photography

Without a doubt, our "Styled Bridal Portrait" service is one of my most favorite services that we offer. I love getting to know the bride, her style and her inner princess. And since these images will likely hang in her family's home for many years to come and greet her guests at her wedding reception, taking a bride's portraits to another level is a privilege that we don't take lightly. Needless to say, we were ecstatic when Eva approached us to style her bridal portraits with Lyndsey Sullivan Photography!

After speaking with Eva, our unique personal style system revealed that Eva has a bold, yet classic style - a perfect mix of Ivanka Trump and Katherine Hepburn. Can't you picture the perfection?! Her wedding style proved to be inspired by things such as historic elegance and beautiful English gardens. With that being said, I immediately knew the perfect style, theme and location for her bridal portraits. From introducing various jewels and textures for different shots to a complete southern garden setting, Eva's bridals were a knock-out...complete "cover-worthy". Take a look at the gorgeousness that resulted from the collaboration of Eva, Lyndsey Sullivan Photography and Mrs. Style Seeker.

Photography by Lyndsey Sullivan Photography
Photography by Lyndsey Sullivan Photography
Photography by Lyndsey Sullivan Photography

Photography by Lyndsey Sullivan Photography