Thursday, August 22, 2013

Loren Hope

If it sparkles and you can wear it on your wrist, ear, neck or finger (shirt, shoes, pants, bra, etc.) can almost be guaranteed that I will adore it! Same goes for the Loren Hope Fall Collection (actually, her entire collection). Her jewelry designs tend to give me an art-deco/modern/vintage feel...all at the same time. An overabundance of style that I don't mind a bit!'re about to be shot by Cupid!

Style Rule: Wearing a statement earring means that the only other statement
piece should reside on your wrist or finger - keeping a distance between the two.
I'm crazy about these earrings and the cuff has given me DIY inspiration!
How insanely amazing (and easy) is this look?! Everyday denim,
comfy tee (Alternative tees are my fave), ponytail and a statement necklace.
What's not to love?!
These are actually two statement necklaces layered together and I have always
been a proud supporter of this look. Women often tend to don a single statement
necklace afraid that anything more could abandon them in "Tackyville". That's not
always the case. Dare to double-up ladies!