Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Surround Yourself with RiffRaff!

Image via - Another favorite Dixie Love tee!
So....I'm a few days late on the other half of my exciting news from last week (actually, the week before that), but what's new?! At this point, I think we've all figured out that I'll probably be late for my own funeral!

Image via
If you watched Carrie Underwood's performance on the CMA's Monday night, and assuming you were finally able to get past her picture perfect legs (that I want to have so terribly bad but am too lazy to remotely ponder the work and dedication it takes), you probably noticed her killer "look" and Skull Rose tank. Yes, the same Skull Rose tank that I have had my eyes on for the past month and am now able to purchase locally via Fayetteville's very own fantabulous store, RiffRaff. Or should I say...Fayetteville's very own fantabulously expanded online store -

Until recently, those of us located outside of the NWA area, could only get a tiny glance of the budget-friendly apparel offered by RiffRaff. That was because only a small portion of their fashion inventory was actually listed on their website. Thankfully, those difficult days have come to an end and RiffRaff has launched a new and improved site that beautifully offers all of their apparel inventory online. Including my uber-favorite line, Dixie Love...ya'll! So get to shopping! The more RiffRaff you surround yourself with, the better!