Type 1 Diabetes

Many things life-changing events have happened since my last post. Most good. Others...I could live without.

The Good

I joined the E.Leigh's (@eleighsboutique) family as Marketing Director in January of 2015...today marks my one year anniversary. I couldn't love it more! The team has become my second family that I have daily communication with and look to for laughs, pick-me-ups, inspiration, growth and encouragement.

Lane and I celebrated our 12th wedding anniversary.

Lane quit his job of 14 years to journey down the road of entrepreneurship. Words can't express how proud I am of him and his tenacity, skill, knowledge and success.

We recently purchased a new home that we can definitely call our "Forever Home".

The Bad

My 4 year old daughter (aka 'My Best Girl' or 'MBG'), was recently diagnosed with and given a lifetime sentence of Type 1 Diabetes (juvenile diabetes).

It was Monday, November 16, 2015. A horribly rainy day and I had left MBG with my mother and father the night before so we could complete our move into our new home and I could finish some much needed work. Around 3:00 pm that afternoon, my mother called asking me to come pick MBG up. She was crying for her mom, had just vomited, was extremely thirsty and running to the bathroom non-stop. Before I could put the phone down, my 'mother's intuition' already knew her diagnosis.

I ran to my car, tears streaming down my face, racing down the interstate in the middle of a storm to get my baby girl. Once I arrived at the home of my parents (which is 35 minutes away), I picked her up in my arms and ran her out to the car. I couldn't get her to the doctor soon enough. Driving back in the pouring down rain, I vigorously prayed that I was wrong.

Our normal pediatrician was unable to get her in that day, giving me a next-day appointment. However, I couldn't...SHE couldn't wait that long. So instead, we went to a medical clinic somewhat close to our home, and it was there, drenched from the rain, MBG and I were told, by complete strangers, that her blood glucose levels were too high to even register on a monitor and that it was most likely, juvenile diabetes. The doctor instructed us to go directly to the ER at Children's Hospital and he would see to it that she was admitted immediately.

At that very moment, I held my sweet girl as tight as I could. I sobbed. She asked endless questions. And then I soon became angry at God for letting this happen to her. Angry at my husband for not being there with me to hear this diagnosis. Angry at this fallen world. Angry at the doctor for giving me this news. Angry at the nurse for taking her blood. Angry at everyone and everything, except MBG.