Friday, November 14, 2014

Here Comes the Cape Blazer

Cape Blazer from E. Leigh's Little Rock Location / LOFT Sheer Dotted Tie-Neck Blouse 
Black Shorts (old, but love these) / Spanx Tights (Best Tights EVER!) / Nine West Black Heels
Gold Snake Print Clutch from Proposals (similar here) / Bangles from Indigo Little Rock

I'll never forget the time in college when I was asked by a long-time crush of mine to be his date to a wedding of mutual friends. After gawking over this boy for a handful of years, I started planning what I would wear before he even finished the verbal invitation! As luck would have it, the imperfection (pimple) of a lifetime decided to grace my left temple with it's award-winning presence the day before the wedding. Out of great despair, I did everything but surgically remove my unwanted accessory...pestering it death and drowning it in darn-near bleach before I went to bed. Not to mention a very indepth prayer of pleading and reasoning with the Dear Lord Above to remove this pimple from my temple and throw it as far as the east is from the west. (After all, He does ask us to come to Him with whatever is on our mind and this pimple was, literally, on. my. mind.)

With visions of pimple-free skin dancing in my head as I slept, I awoke the next morning to a throbbing in my head and my left eye completely swollen shut! Yes, I said...Swollen. Shut! Apparently you shouldn't mess too much with a "pimple on your temple". Not only do you risk losing a future date, but you will at some point, lose your vision. (Mark that one in the books as a lesson learned and feel free to thank me.) With the fear of my imperfection outshining the bride, I decided to cancel the date and not attend the wedding with who would soon be "Mr. Not So Right".

Fast forward many years later, THE Mr. Right (aka LP, aka the Hubs) and I had a wedding to attend last weekend, with thankfully, no pimple in sight. Having this black cape blazer from E. Leigh's at the forefront of my closet, I quickly knew what I would be wearing. I loved pairing the over-sized cape blazer with shorter shorts as it allowed the cape blazer to stand out a bit and show off its uniqueness. The sheer and dotted tie-neck top underneath added the perfect dose of femininity! I received so many compliments on this blazer that I wished I had brought stock to sell! As the weather gets cooler, I'll be pairing the blazer with a pair of fitted "faux-real" leather leggings and heels. How will you be wearing your must-have cape blazer this fall?

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