Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Denim on Denim

To say the last few weeks have been a whirlwind would be an understatement. Between travel, photo shoots, magazine contributions, the continued launch of a new style venture (one that you are going to L-O-V-E) and the start of a new school year for the peanuts, the last few weeks have been like a mid-spring southern tornado! But exhausted or not, I absolutely could not wait to get back to blogging!

I wore this outfit to a photo shoot and after hours of styling and fighting the lovely Arkansas heat, I thought I would stop and take a few pics so I could share! Now, before you say anything, I know what you are thinking. The outfit post above contains nothing special. However, there were a couple of unexpected accessories that worked well with the denim on printed denim look, as well as some great everyday style tips, so I wanted to share.

Let's start with the shoes and work our way up.

  • Style Rule #61 - Invest in a versatile, go-to, black sandal/wedge for the summer. This was literally the third spring/summer for these Dolce Vita wedges and I still wear them ALL THE TIME! Not only are the comfortable, but I receive constant compliments on them.
  • Style Rule #231 - It's best roll/cuff your jeans (in some manner) while wearing booties or wedges. Need a few rolling/cuffing tips? See this great article via Babble
  • Style Rule #194 - Invest in a great fitting pair of dark denim - they will be your unfailing wardrobe buddy year-round. Due to being so graciously and genetically blessed in the behind, I have found that there are many styles of Joe's Jeans that fit me best. 
  • Style Rule #53 - Own a leopard belt. Not only is leopard print thought of as a "neutral" but it will always take a simple outfit up a notch. Tip: It's best to only wear one (1) leopard print "item" at a time. For instance, if you are wearing a leopard print top or blazer, do not wear leopard print shoes to "match". Instead, opt for a solid color on the feet.
  • Style Rule #87 - (As you probably already know by now) It is definitely safe to wear denim on denim. Though I personally am not the biggest fan of denim on denim, I do love how this particular top gives the "denim" a break with a bleached white checkerboard look. Not to mention that it is the softest thing ever! I was in Dallas, Texas, when I had a quick second after lunch and popped into the Apricot Lane next door to the restaurant. This little guy was the only one left on the rack, but I do think they said that the Little Rock store should have them.
  • Style Rule #36 - Accessories, accessories, accessories! Accessories will change the look of an outfit in an instant! The J.Crew rhinestone necklace completely changed the look of this denim shirt, and the best part, it is completely unexpected. To tell you the truth, I probably wouldn't have even worn this outfit if I wouldn't have had this necklace. Annnnnnd, then there are my go-to gold bangles that I get an incredible amount of use from. So in the case that you don't own a good pair of gold bangles, you definitely should add some to your accessory wardrobe. I purchased these at Indigo in Little Rock

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