Saturday, July 5, 2014

Stylish Stationary

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Listed in the Top 10 of Southern Belle Rules, handwritten notes are a lost art that I dearly miss. In my grandmother's home (God rest her fashionably southern soul), stationary was just as much a staple as sugar. She's the reason that the postman could afford blackberries for his cobbler! And though it often pains me to find the time to sit and write a well thought out note (in BLACK ink...that's part of the rule too), I am reminded of how this southern tradition is so greatly appreciated when received...annnnnnddd I like to show off my gorgeously monogrammed stationary (because "Monogram, EVERYTHING" is also a Southern Belle Rule)! Having said all of that, who wouldn't want to show off their fashionably monogrammed stationary from Carrie Beth Taylor?! She's my newest stationary obsession whose goodness I just had to share! Her product line extends beyond stationary so for more perfection from Carrie Beth, visit

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