Saturday, June 21, 2014

Blake Shelton Concert - What to Wear

 Sequin Top / Joe's Jeans Shorts (similar here) / Old Gringo Boots / Kendra Scott Earrings
Leather Wrapped Bracelets / Braided Headband How-To

Equipment Plaid Shirt / Lace Shorts (similar here) / Turquoise Boots / Turquoise Earrings (similar here)
Turquoise Ring / BanglesUrban Outfitters Headwrap / 
With the knowledge that Blake Shelton, my "country crush", would be coming to Little Rock, I started planning my outfit long before tickets even went on sale! If you watch The Voice, you can't help but to ja-adore him. He's funny, he's country, he's cute, he loves the south, he loves women, his wife is ah-may-zing, his personality is addictive and his album is uber-fantastic! I mean, I already have my lighter...Ooppp, I mean cell phone, in the air!

Now if you love to people watch, country concerts (along with Poison concerts) have award-winning people watching...better than Wal-Mart! People (and by "people" I mean women) definitely have an insanely "creative" sense of country style. Sometimes I get so caught up in women-watching that I'm late getting to my seat...literally! So to make sure that I don't fall into the "what not to wear" category, I begin planning my country concert attire by taking the southern basics into consideration: lace, boots, denim, cowboy hat and sequins, of course.

You'll notice that I didn't include a hat in any of the outfits above. That's for two reasons: 1) I include hats in my outfit inspirations often, and 2) I feel like it's expected - nearly every girl breaks out a cowboy hat for the concert...and that's the only time they wear them. As many of you know, I heart the unexpected (but only when I'M bringing the unexpected...make note: don't bring the unexpected to me...I don't play that game). I'm completely obsessed with the cutoff and sequin combo above as well as the lace shorts and turquoise boots! Roll up the sleeves on the plaid shirt and adorn your wrists with bangles or a temporary metallic tattoo and you're set! Country Couture, Baby!!

Btw, the music fans that we are, the hubs and I weren't able to get tickets to Blake Shelton. As to be expected, the tickets sold like hotcakes. Hot, steamy, delicious hotcakes. So tomorrow night, you can find me on my front porch dressed in a lace skirt, MuMu top and hair adorned with a headwrap, drinking a Michelob Ultra and I listening to Blakey...crying a Mississippi River!!

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