Friday, May 30, 2014

What's Your Beach Style?

I know I'm not alone when I say that I. Love. The. Beach! I love the sun. I love the sand. I love the ocean waves. I love a good cold cocktail in the middle of the day while I'm surrounded by beautiful scenery. But that's not all I adore about the beach...I adore a fantastic sense of "beach style". And that is exactly what I found on my recent vacation to Orange Beach, Alabama. 

I absolutely LOVE the beach style of these two beautiful girls. Everything from the color blocking to the DIY floral headband (tutorial here) to the metallic tattoos (purchase online here). Their beach style was thought out and perfectly executed! Matter of fact, they inspired me, the stylist, to get more creative with my own beach style.

It's so easy for lady beach-goers to slip on a swimsuit, slap on some SPF and walk out the door. What many fail to realize is that style doesn't stop at swimwear. Matter of fact, it's one of the most opportune times for you to dig deep into your style creativity box. Ways to get creative with your swimsuit style, you ask?

Mix and match top and bottoms
Add a colorful sarong
Make your very own sarong with a simple piece of fabric
Rock a stylish cover-up (instead of a t-shirt and shorts)
Wear a fedora or chic sun hat
Wear large hoop earrings
Layer on bangle bracelets
Wear a touch of makeup (just like with everyday clothing, it gives your swimsuit style a "lift")
Wear metallic temporary tattoos (like the ones seen above)
Slip on sandals (instead of rubber flip flops)
Carry a stylish beach bag

Consider the aforementioned suggestions. Make the beach your runway! Take a few cues from the ladies above and see what you can make of your summer swimsuit style.

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