Thursday, May 15, 2014

Happy Anniversary!

When asked what I wanted for my 11th wedding anniversary gift last month, I told my hottie-of-a-husband that I would like a new setting for my engagement diamond as the original setting irritated my finger (aka gave me Wedding Ring Rash). With three diamond bands soldered together, my ring was very beautiful and very wide/thick...exactly what I had originally asked for. However, my ring finger often became irritated as soap and water (from washing my hands, bathing, etc.) would often get trapped under my ring and cause wedding ring rash. (Hahahaha! I laugh every time I say "wedding ring rash"). Anyway, being one that hardly ever takes my ring off, it seemed to happen way too often.

Prince Charming kindly agreed to my wishes and sent me off to our jeweler, Kyle-Rochelle, to design a new setting. Working with Harold and Carol of Kyle-Rochelle since 2002 has not only been such an amazing pleasure, but I love the way that they always make you feel like you are their one and only client and never fail to deliver. Any design you dream up, they can create! Below is the finished product and I couldn't be happier.

And just for this link to see What Your Engagement Ring Says About You.