Monday, May 5, 2014

Blemish Be Gone!

Being the thirty-something young and fabulous age that I am (insert wink), I have tried numerous blemish ointments and gels...and, yes, even toothpaste. Unhappy with what I was able to find over-the-counter, and desperate to kick random imperfections in the tail, I finally resorted to trying make-at-home solutions. Fail, fail and fail again! Just when I thought there was no hope and vowed to never waste my money on a blemish solution again, I was given the opportunity to try     A-S-A-P...Australia's #1 Cosmeceutical Skin Care Range - Clearskin Gel. 

To be honest with you, the A-S-A-P Clearskin Gel sat in my makeup drawer for a few weeks until one night when I was in a frenzy to bid adieu to a stubborn blemish. With low expectations and high hopes, I applied the A-S-A-P gel to my blemish and jumped in bed for the sweetest of dreams. The next morning...I was speechless! Bonnie the Blemish was barely there! Matter of fact, she was pretty much unnoticeable! The A-S-A-P Clearskin Gel had kicked her tail! I have never, in all my blemish years, experienced such an effective solution! And since then, it has worked, without fail, every. single. time...clearing away my blemishes ASAP! Worth every penny, you can purchase the A-S-A-P Clearskin Gel here (and save 20% TODAY with code 4MOM).

*Note: Mrs. Style Seeker was not given any type of compensation to highlight the A-S-A-P Clearskin Gel. This post is based off of a personal experience and recommendation.