Thursday, December 19, 2013

For the Love of Sparkle!

For. The. Love. Of. Sparkle! 

The future is so bright, girls...we gotta wear shades (like an amazing pair of Tom Ford's Candice Butterfly Sunglasses, kind of shades)! It looks like all of the shiny gorgeousness that us "Glam Girls" have been showered in over this past year was just the tip of the "ice"berg. Fashion and accessory designers have rolled out all things pretty and sparkly for Spring 2014 and there is no other option than to get your shine on! And what better time to start than New Year's Eve. With a huge fashion trend for the upcoming year being metallics, getting a head start with one's New Year's Eve fashion only makes one a pioneer in her own "Yaya Sisterhood". (Side note: I think I would have been a bit more creative with my Yaya Sisterhood. For instance, instead of passing around a pair of jeans [whose fit depends on your current water retention], we would have passed around a beautiful diamond pear-shaped necklace. Bloated or not, it remains a "perfect fit".)

I put together a couple of looks for the New Year. One to inspire your New Year's Eve and one to inspire your New Year's Day. Both contain a couple of my current obsessions: Ethically sourced diamonds and jewelry (yes, there is such a thing) from Brilliant Earth and the Aminah Abdul Jillil Bow Pump. Reasons I love? Not only is the Brilliant Earth jewelry crazy beautiful (and I mean CRAZY beautiful), the company provides high quality jewelry originating from pure sources and harvested using socially responsible practices. Think it can't get any better? Brilliant Earth gives a percentage of their profits to help communities who have suffered from unethical practices in the jewelry industry. Giving back is always in style in my book...and so are diamonds and this one right here ;o) As for the Bow Pumps, who wouldn't love a stiletto with "a bow on top"?!