Monday, July 29, 2013

Kissing Canaries Elliana

I started planning my wedding at the age of four (4). Full of details, I had planned to get married on the "Love Boat" cruise ship at the time (if you have been blessed with a life long enough to remember). Yet with all the details I collected over the years, there are still many things that I would have done differently. One, I would have been honest with myself and registered for less kitchen items, and two, I would have had a stunningly beautiful clutch that I could use again on special occasions and one my daughter might could use on her wedding day. Like this one - the Kissing Canaries Elliana by Kate Spade!

If you are a bride who is including soft pink/pastel pink in the color scheme of your wedding or even if you are a collector of "all things beautiful", then you MUST jump over to and grab this gorgeous gal who is currently ON SALE for $209 (price includes an additional 25% off promo code: 25JULY)! Sweet, sweet Elliana had an original list price of $398 so you are in for some amazing savings...and style!