Monday, July 1, 2013

Cakes Have Style (and Good Taste) Too!

Confession: Fashion styling is my first love, yet I have to come clean, I have had a crazy love affair with event styling for the past 12 years. Lucky for me, I often have the opportunity to indulge in that affair by planning parties and events for family, friends and local businesses...not to mention corporate hors d'oeuvres parties that cost upwards of $20,000 for a mere two (2) hours. And when it comes to party planning, I have to admit that my most favorite and uber-important part is choosing the cake/dessert. Yummy! Who doesn't love to see an amazing cake in the middle of the room?! Other than the Guest of Honor, the cake has a stage of its own!

Whether you're planning a wedding or birthday party, I want to introduce you to the most amazing cakes I have EVER seen AND tasted in my life! Seriously. Not kidding. Ah-may-zing. No words. Obsessed. (And I can say this with confidence being the one who is so picky about cakes that I have had them brought in from over 200 miles away.) 

While planning a recent Forty & Fabulous party for a dear friend, I came across Natalie Madison's Artisan Cakes. Not only did her cake creation fall perfectly in line with the style of the party, it quickly became the obsession of every guest. Check it out!

Image courtesy of Natalie Madison's Artisan Cakes
Oh! And don't let me fail to mention that I am often reluctant to order fondant cakes. Though they tend to look better, the taste and texture of the fondant can often ruin the individual's enjoyment while eating it. Not the case with Natalie's cakes! You literally COULD NOT tell that the icing was fondant and the taste was, without a doubt, the most incredible thing I have ever put in my mouth! Natalie Madison's Artisan Cakes is in the Top 5 of my most favorite finds in 2013! 

P.S. Did I mention that Natalie is just as sweet, if not sweeter, than her cakes?!